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My name is Maneeka, aka Neeka and I am the proud owner of the online business YouNeek Creations where I create Cape Verdean conta di ojo jewelry. Established in 2017, I started YouNeek Creations after I was unable to find conta di ojo jewelry anywhere. I had tried searching online and realized there were no jewelry companies selling conta di ojo at the time and I was sure I wasn’t the only cv looking for this jewelry online. So I decided to start my own business and create a place where anyone, anywhere in the world would be able to purchase conta di ojo jewelry and be able to represent Cabo Verde and of course be protected from the evil eye. I started by creating a bracelet and a necklace and the conta collection was born! An online business was perfect for me since chronic pain (due to a car accident) and scoliosis kept me from getting a “normal” job. I’m so grateful & thankful for all the support from everyone that I have received over the past 5 years. I’m so proud to be able to share the conta collection with all of you and to create jewelry that’s a part of my culture and for protection for my fellow Cape Verdeans. 

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